Sushi Passion 🍣🥢

How many of you happen to be assaulted by a sudden craving for sushi ?!

Lovers of Japanese cuisine will understand ...



The real #sushilovers know what it's like to relax after a long day of work on a nice plate of nigiri or california roll ... but to share this same passion with us is the beautiful Stormi.

Yes, Kylie Jenner's 1-year-old daughter is a real #sushilover.



Many will be wondering what the great revelation is ... The others, instead, who have already come across the news, are already going crazy on the web with criticism.



No need to worry ... Kylie Jenner has specified that she does not give her raw fish, and that the latter is really fond of rice and edamame.



Hands up who wants to dine at Nobu with little Stormi ...

Cannes Film Festival 🎬

Among events, festivals and gala, celebrities are giving free rein to their creativity.



Last, not least, is the Cannes Film Festival, which saw guests such as Selena Gomez, Sophia Loren, Madonna, Rihanna ...



The film festival, which takes place every year in the city of Cannes for two weeks, has become a place where cinema is intertwined with fashion, giving an even more glamorous touch to the event ...



And in this marvelous setting of the French Riviera, it's the red carpet that is the master!

Business woman 💳

A true business woman ...

We're talking about Rihanna, not just pop star!



The most followed Bad Girl of all time is building a respectable million-dollar fortune.

According to Insider, the estimated net worth of the thirty-one year old is $ 260 million.



Her success?

Rihanna has not only limited herself to music, which still seems to be her biggest source of income, but has expanded her views to a business that is getting stronger.



From singer to actress, and not only ...

Rihanna has launched into the world of beauty and fashion.

In 2011 she launched her first perfume Reb'l Fleur, which earned her about $ 80 million.

Following various collaborations with brands such as Armani, Puma, Dior and MAC Cosmetics, she created the Fenty Beauty brand in 2017, which has made over $ 100 million in sales since its launch within 40 days.

Only a year later, Rihanna also launched a lingerie line, Savage x Fenty, so successful that it sold out in just one month.



But everything bodes well for the bad RiRi, which does not stop there, but announced a partnership with LVMH for the creation of a luxury fashion line called Fenty.



An empire that has reached the stars from scratch ... Great RiRi, you're the pride of all women!

Lindsay against Zendaya ⚔

Zendaya accused by Lindsay Lohan for her look at the Met Gala 2019.

The reason?

It seems that the young star wore a dress similar to the one worn by Claire Danes for the theme "Manus x Machina", but it seems that Zendaya is the only one to have intentionally paid tribute to the character of fairy tales.

Zendaya collaborated with designer Tommy Hilfiger to create this princess look.

Have you approved her look?

Met 2019 📸

The awaited first Monday on May saw the most eccentric celebrities at the Met Gala, the red carpet of the eponymous museum, which hosts the most glamorous fashion show of all time.

Considered the night of the Oscars on the east coast of the United States, the Met Gala welcomes more than 500 international jet set characters, including actors, models and music stars every year ...



2019 saw the word "camp" triumph, which immediately gave vent to eccentricity.

Yes, because all the characters who participated were original and eccentric, astounding the public with the most extravagant looks.


From Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Zendaya to Nicki Minaj, what is your favorite look ?!

Dress code: DENIM

Gigi Hadid, the American It Girl, as well as the most requested top model of recent times, has turned 24 years old.


The supermodel wanted to celebrate with friends and parents in a New York club, but to make the event special was the dress code chosen by the young woman: DENIM.



A real touch of style ... Great Gigi !!!!

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